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Huxtaburger (CBD)

Food: Clair Jnr.

Taste: It was TINY! Not even half the size of a Big Mac… I cannot even comprehend how it’s so small. I was expecting something similar to a $1 cheeseburger.

ANYWAY. Very ordinary. Bun was nice as usual. Fried chicken was fresh, but was drowned in mayo. Tasted just like any other fried chicken burger to be honest.

Staff: Rude. Very rude. When I told them my AMEX wouldn’t work on their Visa/Mastercard only paypass, they just demanded: “Hand it over!”

Also, I waited full 20 minutes for this little burger. Like really?!

Price: $7

Card: AMEX, Visa/Mastercard, Aston Club

TLDR Rating: ☆ (2/5) - I used to love Huxta, but there is no way I’m going back again. Long wait time, rude staff and very ordinary(and overpriced). A burger filled with disappointment.


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Long Dragon Dumpling House




Food: Pork Chop and Egg on Rice, Black Bean Beef on Rice

Taste: Yeahhhhh… NO.

Pork Chop and Egg, along with the pickled vegetables came out lukewarm. Pork chop was extremely salty and tasted old. Decently sized portion but mediocre food.

Probably the worst black bean beef I’ve had. Drenched in oil. Lacked a strong distinct black bean flavour that I love. Thin slices of low quality beef and a weird mix of vegetables. At least the dish was hot…

Staff: Nothing too notable. Service was relatively fast, since it was mostly scoop-food anyway.

Price: $10.80ea - still overpriced given what was served

Card: Cash only :(

TLDR Rating: ☆ (1/5) - Pretty horrid Chinese fast food joint. Aunty’s Dumplings or any other food court scoop-food is way better, and cheaper. Never again.


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Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam

Food: Beef & Chicken Curry with Rice

Taste: Disastrous experience. Curry was lukewarm. Both beef and chicken were rough and tasted old. Sauces probably had a decent flavour once upon a time but again was not fresh. The pickled vegetables were disgusting. Even though there was plenty of everything, none were satisfying.

Staff: Service was slow for a scoop-and-reheat dish.

Price: $9.90 2 Curry with Rice.

Card: Visa/Mastercard

TLDR Rating: ☆ (1/5) - Just avoid this place. You are probably better off with fresher scoop-food from a local food court. What a poor excuse for Malaysian food.


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Mr. Burger



Food: Mr. Burger, Mr. Meat, Small Chips

Taste: Both burgers are relatively fresh. Buns were nice and soft. Thick patty with messily melted cheese. The beef and bacon were not of high quality though. Barbeque sauce on Mr. Meat was slightly over-powering. Mayo on Mr. Burger was just right and you could taste the meat a lot more. Could do with a lot more salad.

Chips were alright. A decent size for ‘small’. Nicely seasoned but slightly too dry.

Staff: Staff seemed unhappy with their job…

Price: $10 Mr. Burger, $11 Mr. Meat, $3 Small Chips

Card: Visa/Mastercard

TLDR Rating: ☆ (3/5) - It’s a decent burger I guess. Nothing too amazing. Maybe I was expecting too much since I’ve always wanted to try this food truck. Would happily go back again.


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Food: Gyoza, Sake Chazuke, Kara Age, Buta Kakuni, Chikuwa, Yakitori & Shiitake Skewers, Scallops & Mushroom


Gyoza (Dumplings) - Just your average Japanese dumplings. Nothing special. Perhaps too high herbs-to-meat ratio.

Sake Chazuke (Rice w/ Green Tea & Salmon) - Could barely taste the ‘green tea’. Whole dish was very bland. Minuscule amount of salmon!!

Kara Age (Fried Chicken) - Very oily. Other than that, very ordinary fried chicken ribs. However only 4 pieces.

Buta Kakuni (Braised Pork) - This was quite nice. Cheese had strong flavours and mixed well with the pork belly. The pork was no where near soft enough though and was quite chewy.

Chikuwa (Fish Cake Tempura) - Just tasted like the fake crab sticks you get with cheap sushi. Disappointing.

Skewers - Both were quite dry and flavourless. Chicken was overcooked. Mushroom lacked any sauce. Nope.

Scallops & Mushroom - This was quite nice. Mushrooms were infused with a strong scallop flavour. Everything tasted fresh. Could’ve given a lot more though given the price…

Staff: Staff were generally more friendly to what seemed like frequent patrons. Some had trouble comprehending English. Service was slow overall.

Price: $10 Gyoza, $8.50 Sake Chazuke, $9 Kara Age, $19 Butak Kakuni, $11 Chikuwa, $3ea Skewers, $23 Scallops

Card: AMEX, Visa/Mastercard

TLDR Rating: ☆  (2/5) - Food was generally half-decent. Nothing amazing or sensational that would make me come back. Service was so-so. I would say this definitely was NOT worth the outrageous price tag.


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