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Food: Chicken Katsu Curry, Oyakodon

Taste: Very little chicken comprised of the Katsu. Mostly batter. Curry sauce tasted like it was mixed from instant powder. The side ‘salad’, if you could call it that, wasn’t particularly fresh. Also, the small portion of rice just annoys me.

The Oyakodon tasted far from decent. Sauce was a gloppy mess. Chicken tasted and felt old. The whole dish still lacked flavour despite having been dunked in soya-sauce. Rice however, was plenty. Both the above dishes were sorely disappointing.

Staff: Service was quick. Nothing notable about the staff however.

Price: $9.00ea - at this price I still don’t think it’s good value

Card: $25 Minimum,Visa/Mastercard

TLDR Rating: ☆ (2/5) - Cheap and nasty. Better off going to any Obento chain for more and tastier quick Japanese food, at a comparable price (under $10).


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