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Pok Pok

Food: Massaman Curry Lamb with Roti, Pineapple Fried Rice with Beef

Taste: Curry was not spicy at all and had too much coconut milk in it. Lamb was nice and soft. However the one and only roti was really too small.

Fried rice was a bit too sweet for my taste. Very oily too. Beef was fresh and had good flavour. Portion sizes once again were quite small.

Partner and I were both very very thirsty after the meal. MSG overload?

Staff: Nothing notable about the staff. Some had trouble understanding/speaking English fluently. Had to wait a bit during lunch rush-hour to get seats.

Price: $14.50 Curry, $12.50 Fried Rice - too expensive given the serving size

Card: AMEX (5% Surcharge!!) ,Visa/Mastercard

TLDR Rating: ☆ (3/5) - Half decent food, albeit a bit pricey for the small portions. Won’t be in a hurry to go back again, especially given the 5% surcharge & MSG overload.


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