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Jimbo & Rex


Food: Porterhouse Steak w/ Bad Boy Chips & Salad

Taste: Steak was actually a decent size (pardon the photo), and ordered as a medium. It was quite soft and tender, very juicy as well. However it lacked a strong beef flavour, while the gravy was disappointingly watery and weak.

Chips were fantastic. Very chunky, nicely seasoned and very soft and mushy inside. Salad was ordinary. Not too fresh but wasn’t old either. Maybe one complaint would be too much dressing.

Staff: Nothing notable about the staff. Service speed was on the slow side.

Price: $9.95 for choice of 1 main

Card: AMEX, Visa/Mastercard (1.95% Surcharge for all cards)

TLDR Rating: ☆ (4/5) - Half decent steak. Good chips. Great for a cheap and filling lunch, and definitely better than Margo’s.


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