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Food: Throwback (meatballs), Kidroyale (roast beef)

Taste: The Throwback was a real disappointment. The veal and pork metballs lacked any flavour. The, lack of, “homemade sauce” was also very bland. “Classic” bread roll was stale and not toasted. Appropriately named I guess - take a bite and throw it back. The $5 meatball sub from Subway definitely trumps this, any day of the week.

Kidroyale was disgusting. The roast beef was way too salty, not to mention VERY VERY dry. The mayo was too sweet for its own good. Only thing that saved it slightly were the crispy onion rings, which were average at best. Again, bread roll was hard and stale.

Staff: Staff were reasonably chatty and friendly. Food came out slower than subway.

Price: $7.80 half size, $11.80 full size

Card: Visa/Mastercard 

TLDR Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆  (1/5) - Just an overpriced, pretentious, and worse version of Subway. Unsure what all the hype is about, but just do yourself a favour and give this place a miss.


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